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Welcome to our Newest Brothers for the 2023/2024 school year!!!!!

OUR Newest composite is out for the 2023/2024 School year!!! 



Zeta Nu Fraters, from Frater Jim Travis


Dear Fraters,


Let me first thank all for your generosity that has allowed us to once again call ourselves Zeta Nu Alumni Association. We are now a lifetime association. Thank you to the many men that without question reached into your pockets to get this moving.


We need to give a tremendous “Thank You” to the Housing Corporation: Johnny Jones, President, Rick Briscoe, Treasurer, and Joe Chambers, Project Manager. These brothers have worked tirelessly in various aspects of the renovation of the TKE house. There are several brothers, Order of Diana, Little Sisters, and current actives that have worked on the house many hours, days, weeks to get us where we are today. I want to name some and am sure there are others that I missed. Johnny Jones, Ed Jones, Ricky Waters, CK Marcrum, Debbie McGowan, Sandra Martin, Isaac Addison, Kyle Jandzinski, Tyler Pierce,Hector Preito, and Scooter Baily. There were guys that worked hard tearing the deck out but can't recall everyone. A special thanks to CK as he keeps the yard looking good.


We have just sent two fraters to Conclave. Ck has fronted the monies to make this happen and we are requesting donations to pay him back. He has posted this on the Rebuilding Tau Kappa Epsilon-Zeta Nu Facebook site. Whatever you can help with is greatly appreciated.


As we begin a new school year we want to open up ideas of engagement with the chapter. The chapter wants to have an open house to invite Faculty, school dignitaries, Deans, and the President for a social. Alumni are absolutely welcome. A date has not yet been set.


Brother Mike Blackburn would like to have a cookout with the chapter and alumni. Input for a date is open for suggestion. This will be a great chance to interact with the actives and get to know them.


St Judes Hospital Fundraiser is another great way to get us together as we all know the children of St Judes need our help. A goal of $2,000.00 would be a great start. Last year TKE raised over a million dollars. Virginia Tech chapter raised over $250,000.00, an awesome accomplishment.


Fall Rush will begin as soon as school starts so we will have to schedule events around this schedule.

IFC governs how rush is done.

There are many ideas and other things we should get together and discuss.


Yours in the Bond,

Jim Travis

President, Zeta Nu Alumni Association

Send any emails to


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