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TKE house Renovation

As of July 2022 we have made the following improvements to the fraternity house during our 2022 Renovation Program:

1. Replaced the electrical wiring in the entire house bringing the wiring up to code with compliant smoke detectors.

2. Added two new peak roofs over existing flat roofs

3. Re-shingled the entire roof

4. Added a third bathroom so each bedroom will have its own bathroom

5. Completely renovated the two existing resident hall bathrooms

6. Converted the fourth room in the residential hall into a kitchenette complete with appliances and a stacked washer/dryer

7. Primed and painted the entire inside of the house.

8. Installed new ceiling fans and light fixtures throughout the house

9. Repaired all broken glass in the windows

10. Installed new flooring in the new bathroom and resident closets

11. Replaced and added numerous interior doors

12. Hung blinds on almost all of the resident windows with more in progress

13. Installed new shelves and clothes rods in the resident closets

14. Replaced rotted wood with hardiboard in the gable on the back of the house

15. Painted all new roof gables, soffit, and fascia

16. Upgraded plumbing for resident hall and original kitchen

17. Replaced original kitchen sink and cabinets

18. Removed the existing rotted deck on the back of the house. We have budgeted for and will complete a new concrete patio in the near future

19 Sprayed knockdown on the ceilings in the common area

20. Repaired a rotten joist under the Jack/Jill bathroom and replaced the floor with new plywood and concrete.

21. Had GA power bury power cable running to the house.

22. Added ridge vents on new and existing roofs. 

23. We cleaned and then we cleaned some more.

24. Installed new air conditioning system (Courtesy of Brucker HVAC)

Below are some of the pictures from the renovation process.

A special Thanks to all the actives and alumni who came out and help make all this possible. 

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