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My name is Jon Dupont- TKE Alumni Vice President. we all had a fantastic time at the 2022 Red Carnation Ball. Several alumni expressed interest in participating in supporting the funding needed to complete the renovations of our beloved fraternity house. These funds will allow our chapter to complete the restoration and move us into the future. To finish this project  we need your support! We currently have two programs to complete the funding required. The first way you can help the chapter is by becoming a 2022 Donor. There are three donor levels; Love, Charity, and Esteem. Each donor level comes with a promissory note from Zeta NuTEKE House, Inc. which states that if the fraternity house is sold within a stated number of years the donor receives their money back from the closing proceeds. That’s right. We have so much confidence in what we are doing if the house sells you get your money back PLUS interest. Each donor level carries a specific term of years and interest rate. See the schedule attached for the specifics on each donor level. Each promissory note comes with a written promise to pay executed by an officer of ZN TEKE House, Inc. We know that not everyone has the funds available to be a 2022 Donor. We know, however, that so many alumni and members of the ZN TKE family want to help in any way possible. Therefore we have a second way to help out the chapter. We have set up a GoFundMe page for smaller donations. All donations of any amount are gladly accepted. Just click on the link below to make your donation. Of course if you can’t help out financially you can always assist us on one of our many work days. If you have plans to be in Valdosta just reach out through the contact page on this website.Your contribution will go directly to our entity known as Zeta Nu TEKE House, Inc. All levels of financial participation are appreciated. For all of those that have contributed, we extend our deepest gratitude. I have numerous other alumni who have said that their checks are on the way. We are still in need of additional funds to complete the remaining phases. We have also launched our "Go Fund Me" campaign. You can donate here!  

Please help the TKE Nation!

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